Evan Lutz


Evan Lutz

Kenya Project Co-Lead

Bioenvironmental Engineering, 2019

3 years in EWB, Kenya Project

Other Involvement: Students for Environmental & Energy Development

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Cookie Dough

Favorite Quote: “… We have not inherited the land from our fathers, we have borrowed it from our children…” – Dennis J. Hall

Why did you join EWB?

I joined EWB because it seemed to be the perfect place to learn, meet others, help others, and ultimately grow as a person.

Why did you stay?

I stayed because I saw a good cause with a definite, obtainable goal that was not reached yet.

How has EWB helped you?

EWB has helped me with my project management, communication, and technical skills. EWB has also helped me build my network as a whole.