Guatemala Updates

Spring 2022

03/09/22 – We held a pre-technical planning session for our upcoming implementation trip.

03/02/22 – We gave members details about the upcoming implementation trip to Guatemala.

02/23/22 – We continued working on trip details and the online EWB travel appeal from the last meeting.

02/16/22 – We continued working on trip details and the online EWB travel appeal.

02/09/22 – During this meeting we brainstormed ideas of fundraisers to host this semester, and we talked about EWB travel appeal for us to be able to travel.

02/02/22 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, a brief project background and team introduction was given for new members. We also introduced all the advances on construction and traveling plans.

fall 2021

12/08/21 – For the last meeting of the semester, we met in groups to work on travel details.

12/01/21 – We met in the Busch Student Center to discuss travel for implementation.

11/24/21 – No meeting this week!

11/17/21 – We had a game night!

11/10/21 – We voted for fundraising and implementation updates.

11/03/21 – We gave construction updates to members, and then continued to brainstorm some fundraising ideas. We also worked on creating bingo boards that members can post on their social media to raise money for our project.

10/27/21 – No meeting this week! 

10/20/21 – No meeting this week! 

10/13/21 – We gave construction updates to members, and then brainstormed some fundraising ideas.

10/06/21 – No meeting this week! 

09/29/21 – No meeting this week!

09/22/21 – We discussed construction status and held a mini game night.

09/15/21 – In the first meeting of the Fall semester, a brief project background and team introduction was given for new members. Then, we discussed applications for subcommittee lead positions.

spring 2021

03/30/21 – Election of new Guatemala project leads for next year!

03/02/21 – No meeting this week. Please read through this document for project updates!

02/23/21 – We decided to switch up our regular project meetings and learn a little bit more about the impact our project has on the children of Chi Elias and gain a perspective of their education in Latin America. 

02/16/21 – No meeting this week. Our final implementation plan is being reviewed!

02/09/21 – The Tanzania co-leads taught us about their experience with remote implementation, in order to prepare for what’s to come! We also started our first fundraiser of the semester, which are social media bingo boards.

02/02/21 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, we caught the new members up with the project background and recent events! The rest of the team discussed the fundraisers we want to push this semester. By the end of the meeting we chose 3 fundraisers that we are going to get started on!

fall 2020

11/17/20 – This meeting was geared towards the financial aspect of the project. We spent time researching grants which will help our project progress since we are starting construction very soon. We hope to have the design and calculations so we can complete the Implementation plan.

11/10/20 – We worked on the Safety plan, which is a document that explains potential construction hazards and how to mitigate them. The team looked through the EWB-USA Task Hazard list, identified what pertained to the project, and added them to the respective construction tasks. Construction will begin in the second week of January, and we are one step closer finishing the Implementation plan!

10/27/20 – We started by playing a game of Among Us, and we introduced our subcommittee leads! Then, we all brainstormed ideas to fundraise, especially virtually. We also came up with different ways to use social media to raise money for EWB.

10/13/20 – We went through how to do parts of the implementation plan and make groups for each task.

fall 2019

10/22/19 – Technical team continued work on Gantt chart timeline / accordion door design; financial / social team started grant search and biweekly community update

10/15/19 – iStudied plans from another school in Guatemala to become familiar with what we need, and brianstormed fundraiser ideas for this semester

10/8/19 – No Meeting
10/1/19 – Went over past years’ achievements, our goals, and what we hope to accomplish over the course of this year.

9/24/19 – Introduced the project to new members, and let members know about the lead positions

3/31/19 – Continued work on NCEES grant

3/27/19 – Continued working on NCEES grant and we’ll be going to the Guatemala Pageant on 4/6 to talk about our project!

3/20/19 – Project Lead Elections! Congratulations Anushka and Carlos!

3/13/19 – No meeting because of spring break!

3/6/19 – Analyzed live and dead loads so we can calculate the cement thickness in our foundation and discussed new details from our mentor about the roof, walls and excavation. Continued working on NCEES grant.

2/27/19 – Finishing school construction plan in a month, reached out to mentors and put info in accessible report. Finishing up foundation plan next meeting. Financial continued work on grants.

2/20/19 – Meeting cancelled today 😦

2/13/19 – Worked on the NCEES Grant. We’ll be continuing research on available material/possible ways to implement ideas. 

2/6/19 – Technical team continued to research Guatemala supply stores, power lines, and passive cooling. Financial team worked on a potential apparel fundraiser

1/30/19 – Brainstorming about design aspects of the classroom, short term solutions for problems like the heating issue, and continue thinking about fundraising ideas.

11/28/18 –  Next week is our last working meeting! Organized the drive and got a community update. 

11/14/18 – Made our Gantt chart for technical team and worked on multiple design components of the classroom.

11/07/18 – Will continue work on grants.

10/31/18 – Will continue work on grants.

10/24/18 – Will begin working on the schematics of the wall using CAD software.

10/17/18 – Will begin working on 3D modeling of classrooms.

10/10/18 – Will be looking at classroom design and budget approximations.

10/03/18 – Talking to mentors and planning next steps.

4/22/18 – Developed a Gantt chart for the rest of the semester (Summer & Fall plans). Continued discussion on where to place the classrooms.

4/1/18 – Started deciding on which ideas we wanted to implement first. In addition, we started to develop a Gantt chart.

3/22/18 – Continued researching different options for each project (classroom, event space, office, i.e.) we will be working with.

2/18/18 – Technical committee continued drafting the school layout of AutoCAD.  The Education committee researched the different options for the school and the financial committee finished up the spring grant.

2/11/18 – Started drafting the school layout of AutoCAD.

1/28/18 – Our team recently traveled to Chi Elias, Guatemala to assess the school development zone. We will be working on drafting templates for the build next meeting.

11/29/17 – Project has been successfully adopted. The Guatemala project is currently working on developing a travel budget as the team will be traveling this upcoming winter break.

11/8/17 – Continued working on filling out the paperwork to apply for the project.

10/25/17 – During this past meeting, we worked on filling out the paperwork to apply to adopt a project.

10/18/17 – The Guatemala project team with their mentor Brad. A plan was implemented in order to ensure that all goals are met before the team goes to Guatemala.

10/11/17 – The Guatemala team sub-committee leads were announced. Additionally, we have finally been assigned a new project called the Chi Elias School project. Mentors will be coming next meeting. Come prepared with questions.

4/9/17 – The team is currently looking for contacts for potential new mentors, and are still on the search for a new project to adopt, hopefully by the end of the semester.

4/2/17 – No meeting this week due to the chapter-wide Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser. We are still working towards adopting a new project in Guatemala and finding new mentors for this upcoming project.

3/26/17 – Project members worked on a team-building exercise, to strengthen our bonds as a team moving forward with a new project.

3/19/17 – Happy Spring Break! No project meeting this week.

3/12/17 – Congratulations to our new project leads for the 2017-2018 school year, Angela Yao and Allyson Wagner!

3/5/17 – There was no project meeting this week. Team members will continue working on the Closeout Report, as well as work towards finding a new project to adopt in Guatemala.

2/26/17 – Project members continued working on individual sections of the 527 Program Closeout Report, as well as completed edits of the closeout letter to send to the community.

2/19/17 – The team is working on officially closing the NSCI water distribution system project. Members worked on writing a letter to the community explaining the closing of the project and worked on completing the 527 Program Closeout Report.

2/12/17 – NSCI is carrying through with the mayor’s new pipeline, so EWB-USA Rutgers has opted to close the project. Team members have been working on creating a technical workshop based around water conservation and use of water meters, as well as repairing broken or cracked pipes. The Spring grant cycle has begun, so team members have started working on completing applications. The current Krispy Kreme fundraiser is concluding, with pickup available on Tuesday afternoon in the Busch Student Center.

2/5/17 – This week the Guatemala Project met with their professional mentor Sandy Kutzing to discuss the current state of the project. The subcommittees have been working on extrapolating water meter data, planning technical workshops for the community, and are currently holding a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. The team is in the midst of working to adopt a new vehicular bridge project in Guatemala, three hours from the current city of NSCI.

Spring 2016 – Members of the committee are working hard on post-travel tasks, including reports, a recommendation letter to the community, an optimized valve schedule, and survey analysis. Additionally, members are filling out a Spring 2016 grant in hopes of raising funds for future travel.

9/30/15 – This week, the Guatamala Project set goals for the upcoming semester for both the project and the subcommitties. Also, the project is currently looking for a new mentor. If you are interested in helping with the mentor search, please contact Neha or Martin! Finally, please read the MOU for next week!

Summer Project Update – Since the semester has come to a close, the team has continued working hard. We have worked further on WaterGEMS, to obtain theoretical flows for the distribution system within the community. Additionally, a draft of a potential leak study is under review after meeting with an Echologics expert, John Marciszewski. On the sustainability end, we have had a skype call with a woman in Guatemala who helps many EWB chapters with projects in country. We were able to discuss with her ways that we could work further on convincing the community to install water meters, along with the concerns of water hoarding and communication issues. We are also proud to announce a new Education Lead for the project: Allyson Wagner!

There have also been many changes within the community this summer, as there is now a new mayor and an entirely new Water Committee. The group plans to travel in January of 2016 to introduce ourselves and review the project with these new community leaders, along with starting the Leak Study investigation. We hope to meet again in August before the semester starts.

4/30/15- The Guatemala Project is having their last meeting on Monday, May 4th! The location is TBA. This week, sub-committee leads gave updates to the group. This included plans for the summer.

]4/23/15- The Guatemala Project has a new project manager, Katrina Meyers. The technical team had a meeting with CDM Smith, and is revising their work in WaterGems. The technical team is working on a new manual for the Galvanized Iron/PVC pipeline.

4/16/15- The Guatemala Project just had a successful game night!

4/9/15- The Guatemala Project is having a game night! The official date is set for April 13th, and we’re playing fishbowl. The fundraising team is working on their Rutgers Day fundraiser. Rutgers Day is April 25th, so if anyone would like to volunteer for the pie booth,sign up here!

4/2/15- The Guatemala Project is having a game night! The unofficial date is set for April 13th. Please email Jeff or Nicole for schedule conflicts so everyone can attend. The fundraising team is working on their Rutgers Day fundraiser. Rutgers Day is April 25th, so if anyone would like to volunteer for the pie booth, please let Kaila know!

3/26/15- The Guatemala Project won 3rd place at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Conference! Subcommittee leads gave presentations on their current plans for the rest of semester, and what has already been accomplished. The new project leads are Neha and Martin. The project is starting to work on the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) poster, which will be presented in May. Also, the project is aiming to get Dean Brown as an advisor/mentor. Liz is heading the development of leak detection tests. The project is hoping to hear back from Ecofiltro for updates in NSCI. Lastly, the Guatemala Project is creating a Facebook page to keep everyone (including alumni) updated!

3/12/15- The Guatemala Project is sending out the letter for the NSCI water committee and the AWWA (American Water Works Association) poster soon. It will be revised by the project’s professional mentors, Sandy and Dave. Project leads, Jeff and Nicole, are reaching out to Ecofiltro for updates on how operations are in NSCI. There will be another conference call held with Sandy and Dave to discuss updates with the project. Previously, Jeff and Nicole discussed leak detection ideas with members from the EWB Missouri Chapter. The project is developing a plan for leak detection tests, headed by Liz. The monitoring team is working on the galvanized iron pipe manual. The technical team is working on WaterGems and a video showing the team’s most recent visit to Guatemala. Finally, the project will be entering a NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) poster competition in May.

3/5/15- The Guatemala Project is preparing for presentations next week involving the project’s professional mentors, Sandy and Dave. The fundraising team is working on a fundraiser for Rutgers Day. The monitoring team is making corrections to the letter which will be sent to NSCI. The education team is working with the technical team on a poster that will be presented at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Conference on March 18th. If anyone is planning to go, please speak to Jeff, Nicole, or an eBoard member as soon as possible.

2/25/15- The Guatemala Project had project lead speeches during their meeting from Alex, Martin, and Neha. The fundraising team is working on the grant which is due at the end of the month. The monitoring team is almost done with the letter which will be sent to the community in NSCI. The technical team is working with WaterGems, and is helping the educational team with a technical poster regarding the project. The sustainability team is working on a pamphlet to help inform the community about the project.

2/12/15- The Guatemala Project is having project lead elections next week! Email Jeff or Nicole by Sunday for nominations. The monitoring team is working on a letter for the NSCI Water Committee. The letter is mainly stating reasons why committee should fund repairs for the pipe line. The education team is working on a poster that will be presented at an upcoming conference. The fundraising team is working on the spring grant. Jeff and Nicole plan on having a conference with members of a team working in Honduras. They will discuss the implementation of water meters.