Sagar Shah


Sagar Shah


Computer Engineer, 2020

1 year in EWB, Tanzania Project

Other Involvement: Engineering Governing Council, IEEE, University Career Services 

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

Favorite Quote: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

Why did you join EWB?

I first heard about EWB in high school, and I instantly knew I wanted to join once I got to college. The values that EWB holds, like using our knowledge to better society, and consistently dedicating our time towards humanitarian efforts, are actions that I strive to enact in my life, and I am thankful that EWB allows me to do so with such a great group of individuals.

Why did you stay?

I stayed in EWB for two main reasons: the people and the work. From my very first general interest meeting, I was amazed at just how many people can come together under a common purpose. The executive board members and the general members were all extremely friendly and amazingly enthusiastic about the work we are doing, and I loved being around that type of energy. I continued to come back every week to Tanzania project meetings for the work we were getting done, as I know that the few hours I commit are making the lives of hundreds of others significantly better.

How has EWB helped you?

EWB has helped me develop my humanitarian personality, as well as introduce me to a great group of people who share the same core values and morals as me. EWB has also helped me get acclimated to my first year at Rutgers very quickly, as the upperclassmen were more than happy to help me out and provide resources to me with just about anything I needed.