Tanzania Updates

Fall 2022

10/04/22 – We were excited to announce the new sub leads for the project and explain each role more in depth. We also started to examine the documentation required for traveling and continued research on the various routes we have discussed to best help the community.

09/25/22 – We introduced and split off into research groups for alternative analysis, as well as worked on the pre-trip report.

Spring 2022

02/28/22 – We had our first in-person meeting, where we worked on applying for grants and looked over the project quote. We also gave project updates.

02/07/22 – We distributed bingo boards and gave project updates.

01/31/22 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, a brief project background and team introduction was given for new members. Then, we discussed spring semester plans and goals.

Fall 2021

12/08/21 – For the last meeting of the semester, we discussed project updates, fundraiser updates, and the plan for next semester’s meetings.

12/01/21 – No meeting this week!

11/24/21 – No meeting this week!

11/17/21 – No meeting this week!

11/10/21 – We containing working on fundraising and had a game night.

11/03/21 – No meeting this week!

10/27/21 – We worked on developing our fundraiser and started AutoCAD training.

10/20/21 – No meeting this week!

10/13/21 – We continued brainstorming and finalizing some fundraising ideas. We also discussed and planned for an in-person meeting.

10/06/21 – No meeting this week!

09/29/21 – We announced subcommittee leads and brainstormed fundraising ideas.

09/22/21 – No meeting this week!

09/15/21 – In the first meeting of the Fall semester, a brief project background and team introduction was given for new members. Then, we discussed applications for subcommittee lead positions.

Spring 2021

03/26/21 – Election of new Tanzania project leads for next year!

03/12/21 – No meeting this week!

03/05/21 – We presented the bingo boards that members will post on social medial for our fundraiser over the next couple of weeks. Then, subcommittee leads presented background information about the community in Tanzania where we are building the borehole well.

02/26/21 – No meeting this week!

02/19/21 – We gave members updates on the project and did a quick icebreaker. Then we split into two breakout rooms. One group worked on picking a logo for our Run Without Borders fundraiser and the other group worked on creating a bingo board for our project fundraiser.

02/12/21 – No meeting this week!

02/05/21 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, a brief project background was given for new members. Then we did an ice breaker for the rest of the meeting.

Fall 2020

12/02/20 – The last project meeting of the semester was updates only. We were notified that the materials for the well should be arriving in a couple days and we sent the funds to the hydrogeologist through Western Union. The funds should arrive in a couple of days. We also had members set up year-end giving pages.

11/18/20 – The financial Team tried opening an account for Amazon Smile but it didn’t work because our chapter does not have an individual Employer Identification Number (EIN). Technical Team sorted the Project Trips folder and outlined the documents on a Google Sheet

11/11/20 – No meeting this week!

11/04/20 – Worked on brainstorming fundraising ideas. All ideas can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TogbI32EsnLrwh1r7Rb7oaVJehKNSy2IiYMjQdVGFHQ/edit?usp=sharing

10/28/20 – No meeting this week!

10/21/20 – Went over how we started the online implementation over the summer and what roadblocks we encountered along the way. Explained that current progress is halted due to some delays with money transfer but that progress should continue come November. Explained current project timeline and future plans.

Fall 2019

10/2/19 – Continued grant and fundraising work from last week. Continuing well flow analysis and reviewing Bernoulli’s equation.

9/25/19 – Begin preemptive analysis to predict pump design and flow-rates using fluid mechanics. Plan fundraising for semester.

Spring 2019

4/2/19 – Setting up date for phone call with Tembo from Explotech and mentors regarding mistake in geological survey. Will be  contacting Malicky and Joseph to discuss pricing. For the near future, we will be continuing work on the pre-implementation report

3/26/19 – Reached out to Explotech with questions from Jeff at Volunteer Village. Talked to Winona Perry, a grant-writer drilling in the same area as us. Will need to reach out to her contacts

3/19/19 – Project Lead Elections! Congratulations Michael and Paul!

3/13/19 – No meeting because of spring break!

3/5/19 – Worked on the Pre-Implementation Report and Planning on contacting mentors in regards to hydro-geological survey.

2/26/19 – Explotech responded to our first emails about the hydrogeological survey; we have sent them the copies of the reports we received and are waiting for an update from them. Began updating the pre-implementation report and continued work on contracts

2/19/19 – Contacted Explotech about data from hydrogeological survey and about conducting additional survey. Revisited memorandum of understanding (MOU) from last year and will need to make a new contract with community about where water is going/well details

2/12/19 – Worked on compiling well location information and researched water pricing and stats for our contract with KAVIWASU as well as more grant work

2/5/19 – Reviewed documents from KAVIWASU about local wells and will continue compiling info this week. Brainstormed agreements with KAVIWASU about well ownership/water access.

1/29/19 – Working on compiling data for all nearby wells. Will begin brainstorming ideas for contracts with KAVIWASU.

11/27/18 – Next week is our last working meeting! Started working on the Coca-Cola grant and continued to work on interpreting survey data.

11/13/18 – Hydrogeological survey was completed! Received reports from Explotech, and the report was forwarded to mentors; awaiting feedback now.

11/06/18 – Will continue work on fundraiser packets and grants.

10/30/18 – Will continue work on grants.

10/23/18 – Will continue work on grants.

10/16/18 – Will continue work on drilling contract and grants.

10/09/18 – Will continue work on grants.

10/02/18 – Continue drafting contract for drilling company and update project poster.

4/22/18 – Finished implementation report. Last meeting this week; we’ll be having dinner!

4/1/18- Continued preparation of a grant application to provide necessary funding for the summer implementation phase.

3/18/18- Voted on Project Leads for 2018-19 School year. Congratulations to Krishna Gotur and Joe Santitoro!

2/18/18 – Continued working on construction safety plan and pre-implementation report, planning hot chocolate night, and applying for spring grants; we’ll be selecting a travel team soon!


Going to send out semester reflection forms to get info on how our year has been, and got response from KAVIWASU, almost got what we needed.


Continued researching rainwater collection, rainwater catchment on school roof, ~10% of community’s yearly water demand, applying for grants, will submit post assessment this week, and outreach lead will reach out to the outreach people you gave us soon. 


Continue researching rainfall data, and worked on grants and Krispy Kreme


Working on collecting rainfall data to see if rainwater catchment is viable (maybe on a school or public building), Outreach is planning a hot chocolate night at Barr to talk about our project, and fundraising is working out a location to sell donuts


Work on Krispy Kreme fundraiser, creating a better looking distribution map, and a feedback report for the locals in Tanzania


Talked to our mentors and they felt strongly that we should write a memorandum to KAVIWASU to state some concerns (extreme delays in getting us copies of agreements and being generally hard to communicate and work with, esp when it comes to getting documentation) and also get a clearer statement of needs (to see if a borehole well is really for the best), finished Fonds Grant!! Submitting now, and still working on feedback report to community


Still doing implementation report, need to plan a new fundraiser w financial development and finish a grant (krispy kreme), and feedback report to community w outreach


Continued working on pre implementation, and continue planning for a movie night around Halloween time. Outreach worked on designing powers for EWB Tanzania.

Financial worked on revising grants and sending one out. Technical continued the work on their report, making steady progress. Landen officially ran the meeting.

We did not break up into committees. Instead, we collectively had a Skype call with Maurice to discuss progress and issues with the pre-implimentation plan. We discussed contacting our current driller and possibilities of a new driller.

Outreach did not meet this week and instead worked with Technical on their report. Financial Development got accepted to fill out Friends of Tanzania grant, so they continued working on filling out applications for other grants.

Outreach created flyers for the Chipotle fundraiser, and Financial Development worked on filling out multile grants.

Congratulations to Landen Naphtali and Priti Kantesaria for being elected 2017-2018 Project Leads! Financial Development Committee also got accepted for a Chipotle Fundraiser on April 2nd.

Since Outreach finished the flyer and business cards, Technical finished the Alternative Analysis report, and Financial finished the Spring Grant, during this week’s meeting, we did not break off into sub-committees. Instead, we collectively brainstormed to determine what exacly we need to kow before going to Tanzania this summer, and what we will be implementing when we get there.

We broke off into sub committees quickly so that each committee could finish their respective jobs as the deadlines approached. Technical continued their research and completion of the Alternative Analysis report, Financial proofread and worked on completing the Spring Grant, and Outreach worked on making finishing touches on the flyer.

The Co-Leads explained the election process for members to become project leads for next year. Outreach finished up designing the flyers and business cards to distribute as a marketing material, and they plan on making finishing touches next week. Financial Development started working on the Spring Grant proposal. Technical continued researching for the Alternatives Analysis report, working on their respective sections. They plan on finishing the report soon.

The Co-Leads explained the election process for members to obtain an eboard positon for next year. Outreach finished up designing the flyers to distribute as a marketing material, while Financial discusssed ideas for fundraising and narrowed down events to a Chipotle event, bagging at supermarkets, and possibly canning. Fiancial also startd looking into the Spring grant. Technical continued researching for the Alternatives Analysis report, which determines other options for creating a sustainable water system, as a back-up.

The Co-Leads presented about the EWB Project Process, and taught the new and old members all about the different stages of an EWB Project. Outreach worked on a new flyer to distribute as a marketing material, while Financial worked on new ideas for fundraising like a Chipotle event, canning, and bagging at supermarkets. Technical started writing an Alternatives Analysis, which determines other options for creating a sustainable water system, as a back-up.

We discussed both the history and the future of our project as well as some goals for this semester. We played a quick trivia game to get everyone up to speed on the important facts of the project. We did not break up into our subcommittees this week, but we will definitely be getting right to work next week. At the EWB Winter Banquet, Corey Norton and Allen Wang shared the current state of our project with alumni and School of Engineering Administration, and Priti Kantesaria and Shaun Ren were acknowledged for their tremendous work in the Tanzania Project thus far.

The community feedback report and post-assessment report have been sent to Joseph and Malicky who will share them with KAVIWASU and the community. We now plan on doing a combined assessment and implementation trip this summer, where we will implement the borehole and assess for a distribution system.