Camden Updates

Fall 2022

10/11/22 – We worked in our subcommittees on designing the shed and started to code!

10/04/22 – We continued the work we started last week by dividing into our subcommittees. We also finished up the inventory for the electrical team and discussed shed designs in the structural team.

09/27/22 – In the first meeting of the Fall semester, we split into subcommittees and started to work on the irrigation system and designing the shed.

SPring 2022

03/07/22 – We did more work on the smart irrigation system and finalized plans for the implementation trip.

02/28/22 – We held a subcommittee work session.

02/21/22 – We continued raspberry pi development and structural analyses.

02/14/22 – We worked on Raspberry Pi, moisture sensor, and research on battery and structural items.

02/07/22 – We continued our subcommittee work.

02/02/22 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, we did an intro presentation to the Camden project for new members. Then, we did a short introduction with subcommittee work.

Fall 2021

12/07/21 – For the last meeting of the semester, we did a semester recap and did some financial planning (getting all members on the same page with fundraisers and stuff).

11/30/21 – We did some subcommittee work along with new goals to cover.

11/23/21 – No meeting this week!

11/16/21 – We held an electrical workshop where we went over the basics of the electrical system in our irrigation prototype: the raspberry pi, relays, etc.

11/09/21 – No meeting this week! Our implementation trip to Camden is on 11/13! If you would like to come, fill out this form ASAP: We will be leaving from Rutgers around 8AM.

11/02/21 – We worked on figuring out the details and plans for our upcoming trip to Camden.

10/26/21 – We continued working on our subcommittee goals from the last meeting.

10/19/21 – We worked on our subcommittee goals: the Structural team will work on plans to repair the gutter and water tank. The Software & Electrical teams will go over the code and make a detailed list of what still needs to be done.

10/12/21 – We planned our implementation trip by splitting up into two breakout rooms. One focused on the software and electrical work involving the irrigation system. The other focused on the structural work, involving gutter, water tanks, any repairs, inspection/measurement taking, and soil samples.

10/05/21 – We announced new subcommittee leads for this year, updated what should be done, and hosted a game night.

09/28/21 – We held a Git/Python workshop for all members, and we interviewed candidates for subcommittee lead positions.

09/21/21 – We held a workshop to teach new members how to use AutoCAD.

09/14/21 – In the first meeting of the Fall semester, we did an intro presentation to the Camden project for new members. Then, we discussed applications for subcommittee lead positions.

Spring 2021

04/02/21 – Election of new Camden project leads for next year!

02/26/21 – We did an AutoCad workshop and an Electrical workshop for some of the newer members. We also broke out into sub-teams to keep up with the work plan.

02/12/21 – We held a workshop on Python and discussed the Automated Irrigation System.

02/05/21 – We did an intro presentation to the Camden project for new members and continued sub-committee work for returning members.

Fall 2019

10/22/19 – Went to Food Insecurity talk at College Ave Student Center

10/15/19 – Discussed implementation trip in depth and work on developing smart irrigation algorithm

10/8/19 – Discussed implementation details for our Camden trip. Continue discussing Rowan EWB collab

10/1/19 – Broke into electrical, software, and mechanical groups to learn more about each different group.

9/24/19 – Teach Python and its application to our project. Catch new members up on project details.

Spring 2019

4/3/19 – Continued work on developing prototype and had 2 calls with Rowan; will be working with them to create a walk in refrigeration unit for their garden and going to have a call with the owner of the garden to discuss how to incorporate smart irrigation into their current design

3/27/19 – Continued software work on smart irrigation algorithm and secured a spot for prototype. Awaiting a collaboration with Rowan

3/20/19 – Project Lead Elections! Congratulations Kaleb and Justin!

3/13/19 – No meeting because of spring break!

3/6/19 – Continued to build on the prototype and worked out details on test site with Dr. Both.

2/27/19 – Started building V2 of the prototype; 2-3 weeks needed for completion. Will be considering possible partnership with Rowan Camden project

2/20/19 – Meeting cancelled 😦

2/13/19 – Finished Design for V2 prototype. Will start to build this week; will probably take two weeks to do so

2/6/19 – Finished V1 of Prototype; will start V2 and try to implement on Cook in 2-3 weeks. We’ll be going down to Camden as soon as it gets warmer!

1/30/19 – Bought equipment for the irrigation prototype. Will build version 1 during next meeting.

11/27/18 – Next week is our last working meeting! Started writing some initial code for our smart system.

11/13/18 – Intro to Python! Worked on the gutter system for our current design and researching transpiration approximation algorithms.

11/06/18 – Will continue work on smart irrigation system.

10/30/18 – Will break out into subcommittees and continue work on smart irrigation system.

10/23/18 – Will continue work on the smart irrigation system.

10/16/18 – Will continue work on the smart irrigation system.

10/09/18 – Will continue work on the smart irrigation system.

10/02/18 – Begin work on revamping the smart irrigation system.

4/22/18: Working on the implementation of the second to last portion of the project.

4/1/18: Electrical and Structural Teams finalized budget and parts list.

3/25/18: Andrew DelRocini and Praveen Sakthivel chosen as Co-Leads for 2018-2019 school year.

2/18/18:  Electrical and Irrigation budget has been finalized. The structural team is in the process of determining a budget. 3D model of the shed is being constructed in SolidWorks.

2/11/18: Finalized the pump selection and electrical/water distribution setup, structural team began making the supply list for the shed.

1/27/18: Resumed working on the design for the electrical and structural components.

12/10/17: Fun night on the 12th, pizza and black mirror episode

12/3/17: Wrap up design work for the semester, and met with Professor Guo to talk about working with EWB on the project

11/19/17: Worked on calculating solar power needs and power required, and worked on the roof design

11/12/17: Continued to work on the design, construction and distribution for new project

11/5/17: Continued working on paperwork to close out the last project

10/29/17: We split into two groups to continue working on the main structure and the irrigation system. Sublead positions are still up.

10/22/17: We summarized our semester design goals into three parts: drawings, part names and materials, and tools and SME. Our timeline is to start with a preliminary design and turn it into a presentable design. We then split into two groups to work on the structure and parts. Sublead positions are still up.

10/15/17: Paperwork was completed and we are beginning to look for sub-committee leads. We also checked in with the EWB chapter at Rowan University.

4/9/17: No meeting this week. Get excited for implementation soon!

4/2/17: Received a message from a member of the Camden community regarding possible assistance in creating a teaching garden for kids. Technical team continued to work on implementation day packet and ordering parts. Marketing doing final preparations for poster and business card.

3/26/17: Project poster and business card almost finalized. Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser is set for 3/29/17. PearUp fundraiser unfortunately fell through due to unforeseen circumstances. Technical team continued to work on implementation day packet and ordering parts.

3/19/17: No meeting due to Spring Break.

3/12/17: Marketing continued creating business cards and a project poster. restaurant fundraiser has been set up and PearUp fundraiser almost complete. Technical team still working on implementation day packet to be ready to implement in April.

3/5/17: Congratulations to next year’s project leads Chris and Eshil! Marketing set up a recruiting event and began the process for a restaurant fundraiser, creating business cards and creating a project poster. Technical team still working on implementation day packet to get prepared for implementation in April!

2/26/17: Technical team working on implementation day packet and purchasing materials. Marketing team discussing fundraising ideas (restaurant + steak sale!) and methods to recruit new members.

2/19/17: SUEZ water grant submitted. Technical team almost has design finalized and is slightly ahead of schedule. Next step is implementation day packet and purchasing materials. Marketing team discussed fundraising ideas and recruiting techniques. Also discussed the possibility of alternating meeting days between Tuesdays and Wednesdays to allow more members to attend. A trip to the community was made to fill out some paperwork and discuss the future of the project.

2/12/17: Almost all technical features of the project have been determined. Next step is purchasing materials and creating implementation day packet. SUEZ water grant to be submitted as soon as possible. Community visit planned for next week.

2/5/17: CAD design of project almost finalized. Further parts for the pump implementation were discussed to decide on the final design. Suez Water grant application nearly complete as well. To be submitted in the near future. The Camden project has been chosen to be a featured story on the Community Engineer Corps’ website!

1/29/17: A rough timeline of goals during the Spring 2017 semester was shown. The start of an implementation day packet to secure proper construction was conducted. This includes a 3D modeling of the system in CAD. Marketing committee finalizing water grant questions and is aiming to submit in a week’s time.

1/22/17: Water catchment system is almost finalized. Project members are preparing to collect supplies for implementation.

Year of 2016

Year of 2015

May ’15

Our foundation design has been completely changed thanks to our meeting with our mentor. We will save money and have to dig less! We plan on making a materials trip shortly after class is over and then implementation.

We wish everyone good luck on finals and an excellent summer vacation!

February ’15

EWB-Camden is making their first trip of the year on Saturday, February 7. They are visiting 3 lots, including a check-up to their rain barrel catchment system, to make assessments and measure the layout. There will also be a fundraising event for EWB-Camden on February 13. The event will have two aspects: a bake sale and a pie-ing (a donation is made to pie either an EWB-Camden member or a willing friend).

April ’15

We will meet with our mentor on Friday to go over our two designs, the foundation and alternative rain catchment system. We will discuss cost and methods for improving our designs.

Camden Project looks forward to volunteering at Rutgers Day this Saturday!

At EWB Camden, we have completed a preliminary design update for the existing rain barrel foundation. This design is awaiting approval from our mentors here at Rutgers. Also in the works is an alternative rain catchment system for the new lot. The catchment system employs a large platform to collect rainwater because there are no near rooftops available.

Now that we are officially approved for the domestic project, we must work to finalize the authorization to work with the Community Gardens in Camden.

The bake sale was a success!! Even out earning our previous year’s bake sale.

Currently at Engineers Without Borders Camden Project, we are still working to get our implementation documents in order. We have a meeting scheduled with our mentor.

We hope to have another visit to Camden at the end of May to put in the rain barrel foundation and clean up the other lot.