In Chi Elias, Guatemala, about 180 students ranging from pre-K to 6th grade attend the local school, which requires students to walk up to 2 miles each way, every day. When the school was originally built, several different organizations contributed, leaving the structure in substandard conditions. The school building has proven to be a safety hazard, as two of the classrooms have contributed to respiratory problems in the children, and the fence around the school is only half completed. The school also lacks a meeting place for the principal, often resulting in canceled classes to accommodate meetings.  These circumstances take away from the education of the school children and prevent them from learning in a safe, healthy environment, which this project aims to alleviate and improve.

Weekly Updates

11/17/20 – This meeting was geared towards the financial aspect of the project. We spent time researching grants which will help our project progress since we are starting construction very soon. We hope to have the design and calculations so we can complete the Implementation plan.

11/10/20 – We worked on the Safety plan, which is a document that explains potential construction hazards and how to mitigate them. The team looked through the EWB-USA Task Hazard list, identified what pertained to the project, and added them to the respective construction tasks. Construction will begin in the second week of January, and we are one step closer finishing the Implementation plan!

10/27/20 – We started by playing a game of Among Us, and we introduced our subcommittee leads! Then, we all brainstormed ideas to fundraise, especially virtually. We also came up with different ways to use social media to raise money for EWB.

10/13/20 – We went through how to do parts of the implementation plan and make groups for each task.

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Game Plan

Assessment Trips (Jan ’18) Measurements and data were collected about the school. Meetings were run with school and government members to gather input about the project. The scope of the project was fully defined.
Moving Forward The team is researching possible layouts for the classrooms, as well as mapping the entire school on AutoCAD. An MOU will be drafted soon, and further research will be conducted to further the progress of the school.

Project Leads

Alexa Charchar & Ria Patel

Professional Mentors

Brad Moore, P.E.

Project Blog