Inhabitants of this 4,000 person community have access to about 30 minutes/day water supply in the dry season and about 2 hours/day in the wet season. This water comes from pump-well and gravity-fed sources which dry up in the summer. The water is insufficient and unclean. However, NSCI has access to a pumped water supply system which failed in 2004. The goal of this project is to repair and redesign the water supply system for NSCI which can provide a 24 hour water supply all year long. It will improve sanitation and overall quality of life for the people in NSCI.

Weekly Updates

11/29/17 – Project has been successfully adopted. The Guatemala project is currently working on developing a travel budget as the team will be traveling this upcoming winter break.

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Game Plan

Assessment Trips (Aug ’09, Jan and Aug ’10) Information was gathered about the community and the existing water system and its issues. Educational programs were conducted in schools and community centers to teach the importance of water conservation and sanitation.
Implementation (Mar ’11) Community members committed to provide volunteer labor for the project. The project involves constructing concrete chambers to house pumps, repairing/replacing pipeline, and installing new pumps. EWB-USA Rutgers agreed to provide technical expertise and 80% of the capital cost.
First Monitoring Trip (Jan ’13) The team traveled to prepare for system start-up. This involved inspecting the pipeline and suggesting modifications to strengthen the pipe. Baseline surveys and preliminary water quality data were collected. In July 2013, the system was successfully started up.
Third Monitoring Trip (Jan ’16) The main purpose of this trip was to investigate the internal distribution system. Ten sample water meters were installed at homes within each neighborhood in the community, and valve flow-in and flow-out data was collected. The team gave the community technical recommendations for how to optimize the system.
Moving Forward The project is set to be officially closed out, as EWB-USA Rutgers has completed beyond its agreements made in the Memorandum of Understanding, and the community now possesses the knowledge and skills to continue to maintain the system to meet their needs.

Project Leads

Allyson Wagner & Angela Yao

Professional Mentors

Sandra Kutzing, P.E.
David J. Tanzi, P.E

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