Kenya Updates

Fall 2021

12/05/21 – During the last meeting of this semester, we worked on organizing a fundraiser and discussed what to present to Mentors.

11/28/21 – No meeting this week!

11/21/21 – We got updates from the sub-leads on the communication with possible engineering mentors and the community members. We also continued working on fundraising ideas.

11/14/21 – No meeting this week!

11/07/21 – We continued discussing pre-implementation plans and new fundraising ideas.

10/31/21 – No meeting this week!

10/24/21 – We discussed pre-implementation plans and new fundraising ideas.

10/17/21 – No meeting this week!

10/07/21 – We announced the subcommittee leads and got them up to speed and gave them access to the Slack and Volunteer Village.

09/30/21 – We discussed AutoCAD capabilities and did subcommittee lead interviews.

09/23/21 – We went over the process of appointing new subcommittee leads for this year and did a project recap.

09/16/21 – In the first meeting of the Fall semester, a brief project background and team introduction was given for new members. Then, we discussed applications for subcommittee lead positions.

Spring 2021

04/01/21 – We transitioned back into working on the pre-implementation report that we started at the beginning of the spring semester.

03/11/21 – We worked on brainstorming fundraising ideas, one of which includes posting bingo boards on social media to raise money.

02/18/21 – We gave updates to our members on the status of our project and the pre-implementation report.

02/04/21 – In the first meeting of the Spring semester, a brief project background/introduction was given for new members. We also stated our goals for the semester: finishing kiosk design with proper specs, and working on aerial drawings and pre-existing conditions for the site location.

Fall 2020

12/04/20 – As the last meeting of this semester, we talked about this semester and asked for feedback from the members. Members also filled out a survey about their experience with our project this semester.

11/13/20 – We worked on making a project timeline to give new members a better sense of the project and its history. The project timeline can be found here:

11/06/20 – We assigned people different aspects of the kiosk design and will have them make their submission two weeks from last Friday.

Fall 2019

10/21/19 – No meeting this week

10/14/19 – Met our professional engineer, Anthony Brown, who will sit in during our meeting and we will research construction companies for needed supplies

10/7/19 – Brainstorming fundraising ideas

9/30/19 – Divided into fundraising and technical groups.  Fundraising researched grants and fundraisers, and technical began researching kiosk designs.

9/23/19 – Made sure everyone has access to Kenya Google Docs & Slack, and Research kiosk designs and potential fundraisers

4/1/19 – Held a CAD workshop and looked up pump from Dayliff

3/25/19 – Created a CAD outline of area, continued grant work. Have specs on current submersible pump. Will need to check on MOU with Dean Brown

3/18/19 – Project Lead Elections! Congratulations Krista and Alex!

3/11/19 – No meeting because of spring break!

3/4/19 – Continued grant work and will focus on updating poster

2/25/19 – Worked on updating MOU and grants

2/18/19 – Reviewed MOU agreement and made some edits. Worked on grant application

2/11/19 – School decided to install a submersible pump; will need to discuss next steps and review MOU

2/4/19 – Watsan is planning to install the submersible pump soon; our team will work on the pump details and drafting new email to Watsan.

1/28/19 – Researched aspects that our PE brought to our attention (pump specifications). Will be getting in contact with Kenya people for well updates and when to expect the MOU.

11/26/18 – Next week is our last working meeting! Sent out emails to various Kenyan contacts and discussed with more distribution ideas/found prices for electric pump and piping.

11/12/18 – Haikal officially finished construction on well! Worked on grants this past week.

11/05/18 – Will start looking at piping systems and continue work on grants.

10/29/18 – Will work on fundraiser packet and start discussing distribution.

10/22/18 – Will finish work on the post-implementation report.

10/15/18 – Will continue work on grants and the post-implementation report.

10/08/18 – Will continue work on grants and the post-implementation report.

10/01/18 – Will start work on grants and continue work on the post-implementation report.

4/1/18 – Voted on Project Leads for 2018-19. Congratulations Shivanee and Alicia!

12/10/17 – Went through some reflection questions last week – got feedback on how to improve our meetings and address some of our members’ concerns

12/18/17 – No meeting this week

12/10/17 – Went through some reflection questions last week – got feedback on how to improve our meetings and address some of our members’ concerns

12/3/17 – EWB Headquarters removed Kenya travel ban and never informed us about it, going through Rutgers risk management to see if they will allow our travel in Jan, monitoring political climate in the meantime, will be wrapping up grant writing and do a debrief with team (how the semester went, improvements they’d like to make, meeting time next sem, etc), will have a game night next week for our final meeting!

11/19/17 – Letter to school official (introduction, purpose of project, etc), discuss our travel situation with the team, send out survey questions to Professor O’Neill

11/12/17 – Submitted revised pre-implementation report, currently not allowed to travel to Kenya by EWB due to political climate

11/5/17 – Had Professor O’Neill come in and work on surveys, met with Asenath to discuss travel plans/logistics, will continue working on grants and finish survey questions

10/29/17 – Finishing up pre-implementation report revisions and will submit soon, tomorrow’s meeting will be with Prof. Karen O’Neill to improve our current survey questions, we’ll be meeting with Asenath this Friday to discuss project and the possibility of her traveling with us

10/22/17 – Setup retainer agreement with driller and purchased m-scope (spent spring 2016 grant funds and submitted final report), received permits from driller, worked on pre-implementation report revisions with team, and contacted NGO rep about electricity promised by school

Week of October 8th-October 15th

We Received comments on our pre-implementation plan and will work on making any necessary revision during the next project meeting. The Fundraising team will also begin working on grant applications.

Week of April 2th-April 8th

All of us were collaborating to work on the newsletter, which we hope to draft during this meeting. Some of our other goals were to include developing our educational initiatives for our upcoming implementation trip and looking into corporate sponsorship opportunities!

Week of March 12th – 18th
The Fundraising team: Raising awarness and publicity for the buffalo wild wings fundraiser next week. Also trying to figure out whether a commulutive fundraising team would be better than individual teams.

The Eductation team: Figuring out what to send the send the kids in Kenya to keep in contact with them till the travel team gets there.

The Technical team: Intensely rivising the travel report so it doesn’t have any holes or mistakes in it. Each member took a little section and Evan oversaw the entire process while helping out himself.

Week of March 4th-11th, 2017

The Fundraising team:They looked into planning an on-campus as well as a restaurant fundraiser in the coming weeks.

The Eductation team: It founda newsletter template and start compiling agendas/updates from other committees to be added. They also looked at any updates for pamphlet template/staredt transferring information.

The Technical team: They are moving towards updating the official implementation report for travel. They will also be discussing ways in which we could make maps of the area.

Week of Feburary 19th, 2017

Education Committee: Work with Tristen’s designs to come up with an aesthetically appealing and informative brochure/ manual. Brainstorm ways in which Dorothy’s idea of incorporating games and sports in the educational outreach can be implemented.

Technical Committee: Review old reports and start revising our most recent pre-Implementation document. Start researching models of well-construction that are similar to ours and look into what kinds of financial and maintenance systems best fit our situation.

Fundraising Committee:Get a sizeable portion of the Spring Grant completed and if time permits, explore our on-campus fundraising options.
Week of Feburary 12th, 2017

Lots of revision of the trip at hand. The Three teams: educational, technical, and financial, are working hard to revamp and make the trip better.

Summer 2015 Update

1. Cultural Mentorship: The Kenya Project has a new mentor! Associate director of the Center of Global Studies, Ms. Asenath Dande, a native Kenyan herself and proficient in establishing cross-cultural dialogue, has agreed to be the Kolunje Water Supply Project’s new international development mentor.

2. Search for a Second Technical Mentor:The team is currently searching for a second technical mentor for the travel team.

3. Renewed Corporate Sponsorship: The team has been working on its corporate sponsorship campaign to look for new funding opportunities.

4/29/15 – The team had a discussion based reflection meeting assessing this year’s successes and brainstorming ideas for next year.

4/22/15 – In celebration of a successful implementation and completion of the post-implementation report, the Kenya Project went to the Chapati House. Congratulations everyone!

4/15/15 – Rutgers has officially cleared the Kenya Team to travel in the future! The 526 for our post implementation will be submitted on April 18th. The deadline is fast approaching, so anyone responsible for a section of the 526 should complete it as soon as possible!

4/8/15 – Rutgers has officially cleared the Kenya Team to travel in the future! Also, the 526 will be submitted on April 18th. Anyone responsible for a section of the 526 should complete it as soon as possible.

4/1/15 – The Kenya Project is continuing to work on the 526 for their post implementation documentation.

3/26/15 – The Kenya Project is continuing to work on the 526 for their post implementation documentation. Also, the Project leads for next year have been chosen! Thank you to everyone who applied!

3/19/15 – The Kenya Project is continuing to work on the 526 for their post implementation documentation. Also, if you would like to nominate yourself or another member for Project Lead, please respond to the email that was sent regarding lead selections as soon as possible.

3/5/15 – The EWB Kenya Project is in the process of writing the 526 for their post implementation documentation. Members continued to work in their groups from last week.

2/12/15 – The EWB Kenya Project is currently writing the 526 for their post implementation documentation. Members broke into groups and were assigned a section of the report to write and edit with the travel team members’ guidance.

2/5/15 – EWB Kenya Project is happy to welcome new members this semester! At the last project meeting, the implementation of a rain catchment system in the Kolunje community over winter break was explained and the experiences of the Travel Team were recounted. Information on the trip can be found at The Kenya Project is currently reviewing their trip to Kenya. Further review along with required paperwork for post implementation will occur during the following meetings.