The Guatemala team is in the implementation phase of designing and building two classrooms for students in grades 1-5. The current conditions of two classrooms are causing respiratory problems in the children and are structurally unstable. Our goal for this semester is to start construction by the end of 2020.

The Kenya team will begin working on a design for a kiosk to be built close to the Magwar Primary School. The design and construction of the kiosk will provide a more secure and easy way for individuals within the community to have access to filtered water supplied by the existing well. During this semester, we will focus on designing the kiosk on AutoCAD and then begin to conceptualize a water distribution system for the community to have further access.

Currently at Engineers without Borders Camden project, we have started working on a rain-barrel system for a new vegetable garden in the community. We are trying to update the design for the system to suit the needs of this lot and solve a few problems we encountered. 

The Tanzania team is currently in its implementation phase of constructing a borehole well. The project aims to serve the sub-village of Tloma Awak which only meets about 5% of their water needs in the dry season. With the onset of the pandemic the team has switched to an online implementation strategy to continue its construction.