The community’s challenge is that the river and other surface water sources that provide water during most of the year dry up heavily during the dry seasons. As a result, community members have little choice but to walk long distances to collect their water from other sources. Often women and children are the ones who are left to bear this burden, limiting their ability to do other work or go to school.

Weekly Updates

03/08/23- Finalized our travel group, and got in contact with Solomon.

03/01/23- Determined populations and community numbers for the area the project is going to be implemented in. Continued working on research.

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Game Plan

First Assessment The first assessment trip was held in August 2016. EWB-USA Rutgers travelled to Tanzania for the project’s first assessment trip. The team evaluated the community’s current water sources and assessed for potential new sources. They also signed the project partnership agreement with both KAVIWASU and the community leaders.
Second Assessment The second assessment trip was held in August of 2017. The EWB-USA Rutgers team was able to find finalized locations for the borehole well and met with the drillers. We also were able to partner with the landowners and sign agreements to use the well on their land as public property.
Implementation This trip will hopefully take place in January 2018 if it is not too far into the wet season. We will be working with the drillers of the well to ensure that the drilling goes smoothly and we will run further surveys with the community to ensure that we are serving their needs.
Follow Up EWB-USA believes in community-driven projects. As such, the community will contribute funding and materials to the project and will take ownership of the water supply system upon completion. A committee will be elected to oversee the maintenance and operation of the completed system. Members of the committee will be elected every one or two terms depending on the water board’s preferences.

Grant Contributor

Special thanks to the Brook Family Foundation for their generous grant contribution to the Tanzania project. We greatly appreciate the support!

Project Leads

Shobhit Gupta & Cindy Leal

Professional Mentors

Maurice Tobon, Civil Engineer Engineering Director of Palm Beach County Water Utilities
Robert DiFilippo, Hydroegeologise CEO of Aquaterra Technologies, Inc.